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Print brokering

We not only design but also produce! Thanks to being perfectly familiar with the printing industry and constantly building relations with printing houses, we can be responsible for the entire production process.

Don't waste your time to select a printing house and commission printing.

Leave us with selecting the partner, coordinating and supervising the production process - thanks to understanding the trade and being experienced in it we will be able to choose the most advantageous offer, avoiding execution errors.

Take advantage of our contacts - as an agency we have access to a broader printing offer than an individual client.

    How do we work with the printing industry?


    We care for the relations with many printing houses all over Poland – we participate in business meetings and meet during trade events.


    We constantly follow the offers of printing houses, compare them, and learn the newest printing and enriching technologies.


    We have the possibility to consult with specialists from the printing industry. Thanks to this we not only can design and forecast the final effect but are also capable of quickly noticing and eliminating any possible production errors.