Studio Leon - więcej niż branding

Graphic department outsourcing (option solutions)

The graphic department in a branding agency constitutes an investment in high quality designs and a clear manner of settlement

Optimize designing costs (prices even 40% lower than with individual orders).

Make us responsible for the design.

Do not worry about employing workers, maintenance costs, or recruitment.

Don't pay for the position - pay for the executed work.

    What will the cooperation consist in?


    We propose hourly options: from more than ten hours a month for occasional small projects, up to individually agreed brad and long-term option. You can transfer the unused resources as you wish over the following 12 months of work!


    You don’t overpay when the project turns out to be easier than initially assumed. We work with a program which measures the time devoted to your execution and we perform settlements basing on it.


    We work in accordance with an agreed schedule taking into consideration the scope of planned actions, dividing them in time, determining cyclical actions, and primarily assessing the hourly budget necessary to execute specific projects. We start with a broad research and end with presenting a few of our visions to you, basing on which the final project will be created.